Community Development Centre (CDC) Project

Not only does Widhya Asih Bali Foundation (WABF) provide residential care, they are endeavouring to develop family based care with a view to empowering communities.

In partnership with Coffs Harbour Christian Community School (CHCCS) and Harbour Church (HC), WABF seeks to actively strengthen the community of Candi Kusuma by empowering disadvantaged groups, especially children.  This is achieved through educational programs that aim to improve their quality of life, by improving family and community relationships. The most important aspect of this program is involving the community itself.

Widhya Asih started this program in the Candi Kusuma Village, Jembrana in early March 2019 as a pilot project, with hope that it will increase the expansion of access to educational services for under-privileged children.

With the "fun learning" method, children will gather twice a week at the village hall for additional lessons. Moral stories are used as a vehicle to build character.

Currently in the CDC program 45 children and Widhya Asih hope that in the future they will increase again.