Family based care is an initiative that began 3 years ago by Widhya Asih Foundation, and aims to satisfy the child’s need for affection, belonging, safety and well-being that is carried out by the parent or guardian.

Why is it family based?

Family-based care supports the transformation of the mindset, attitudes and behaviour not only of the children but also the parents, family and society. It is hoped that Family Based Care will provide good care for the child, as well as strengthen the family’s self-reliance.

In 2016, the Minister of Social Affairs determined that each LKSA (lembaga kesejahteraan sosial anak/children’s home) must carry out Family Based Care. The Social Minister’s decision became the basis for Widhya Asih to carry out Family Based Care and has been applied to all 6 LKSAs that operate under the oversight of Widhya Asih.

Currently Widhya Asih cares for 79 children in the Family Based Care program.