Welcome to Widhya Asih Foundation, Bali.

Our mission is to reduce poverty among the Indonesian people. We do this by providing safe living environments, quality education, comprehensive health care, self-sustaining life skills & family-based support.

Transforming the lives of children and their communities since 1975.

The Widhya Asih Foundation operates children’s homes and family support programs throughout Bali in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Widhya Asih Foundation also meets the Indonesian national standards for children’s homes. Unlike orphanages which default to taking children from their families, the Widhya Asih Foundation focuses on working with underprivileged families to provide the best possible outcomes for the children whilst maintaining strong family connections where possible.

Children who are at risk of abuse, neglect or trafficking are referred to the Widhya Asih Foundation by local Government agencies and community groups. The Widhya Asih Foundation provides safe supportive children’s homes. These homes provide an opportunity for children to thrive through the provision of safe comfortable shelter, a nutritionally balanced diet, comprehensive health care, quality education and home visits.


To be the leading social service agency in Bali, reducing poverty among our people

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What we do

Our program doesn’t just address physical needs, but offers an environment for the children to grow and flourish. Below are our key goals as we live out our mission for each and every child.


To provide a safe living environment


To provide a nutritious diet


To provide quality education


To provide comprehensive health care


To provide self-sustaining life skills


To provide family-based support


To provide highly trained and motivated staff led by professional management

U.N Endorsed

A program that supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child


Become a Widhya Asih Advocate by donating or sponsoring a child.


We need your help! Your once-off or recurring gift to Where Most Needed or Critical Needs will help meet the urgent needs of children living in poverty.


Widhya Based Sponsorship

Children’s homes operate in the best interests of these children to provide them with the affection, attachment and belonging, refuge and safety, welfare, and care that they need.


Family Based Sponsorship

Family-based care supports the transformation of the mindset, attitudes and behaviour not only of the children but also the parents, family and society.


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