It is recognised that the best place for any child is with his or her own family. However, for many children, personal and family circumstances mean that family-based care is not possible.

Children’s homes operate in the best interests of these children to provide them with the affection, attachment and belonging, refuge and safety, welfare, and care that they need.

Why provide care in children’s homes?

By providing residential care in children’s homes, Widhya Asih can provide for the children:

  • A secure and comfortable place to live where they can receive protection and assistance (such as medical care and basic hygiene),
  • Nutritious food,
  • Physical-spiritual health,
  • Formal education and
  • Training in a range of life skills.

During their residence in a children’s home, each child is given the opportunity for positive personal growth so that they may eventually become productive members of the community who can live a decent and responsible life for themselves, their families and society.

Currently, Widhya Asih has 6 children’s homes at:

  • Badung (Cica)
  • Singaraja
  • Melaya
  • Blimbingsari
  • Bangli
  • Amlapura

There are approximately 250 children currently in the care of Widhya Asih.