Self-Development Outbound: Bonding Each Other

Singaraja –  Widhya Asih Children’s Home in Singaraja Child  held an outbound activities  which was attended by 85 students  on Saturday (19/7/2023). The main background we held an outbound activities for the children to increase the socio-cohesiveness between children and to give new enthusiasm to both its new children and exsisting children. Children who take part in this activity are 55 children living in our facility and 35 who are family based-care children.The activity began where children carried out outbound competitions based on groups that have been formed.

This event was filled with various exciting games such as called Pass the Rubber Band, Moving Bomb, Pick The Coin, Hidden Egg, Bottle Moving, Spider Water, Water Tower, Volley ball, and ended with noodle cooking competition  which took place at nearby beach at Kubujati Singaraja.