Beauty Salon by Devochki Pro in Ubud Gives Children the Training to Become Barbers and Beautician

BANGLI — A new training program for barbers and beautician skills

empower 16 children from the Widhya Asih Children’s Home Bangli. Barbers and beauty salon training session offered for free by Devochki Pro, whom Mr. Kirill from Russia is the owner of this local business in Ubud. This project provides 6 months intensive training in men’s haircuts, basic beauty and hairdressing skills to our high/vocational school girls and

boys and it has been started since December 2023. Men’s haircuts, basic beauty and hairdressing skills can provide a good income to children upon graduate from school and Children’s Home because they can start at a job right away/find employment in a salon or to build a private client base. We thank you so much for giving our kids wonderful opportunity to learn how to become barber and beautician.